Photo’s (2)

In my room playing the Xbox, where I was most comfortable growing up.
My high school prom. Remember noticing the staff staring at me all night at the place it was held and being questioned by the manager as to whether I was drunk or not. I had to show him it was an inhaler in my pocket, not a small bottle of vodka.
Done a skydive with my cousin, sister, and friend for Ataxia UK when I was in college. Not sure if I’d recommend it…
Being wheeled on stage at my graduation by my dad. Absolutely hated what should have been a happy night because of the wheelchair.
My mum, dad, gran, Olivia, Scarlett and I.
Scarlett’s football team is sponsored by Ataxia UK this season.
Using a beach wheelchair on holiday in Tenerife.
Still love going to Celtic games. Front row seats
now because of the wheelchair… being disabled isn’t all bad.

One thought on “Photo’s (2)

  1. Conner, I’ve just spent the past two hours reading your story. You must be so proud of yourself to have written this and hopefully it helped you a great deal to talk about it after years of trying not too. I’ve laughed, mostly cried at your memories but what a brave young man you are. I’m sure this will help a lot of people with or without this condition to understand what the person and the parents go through. I am in awe of you all for how you have adjusted and coped with this as I’m sure everyone who knows you are. You are an inspiration for anyone out there who needs help or someone to talk too and sharing this can only be a positive outcome for you. I better go and get some housework done now as I’ve not moved from this couch for over 2 hours haha. Take care Conner, we’ll hopefully see you in the summer at one of the Sunday gatherings with you all out our back garden catching up. Love to you and your mum and dad xx. Kellie Charletta xx

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