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My first time going to Celtic Park.
Just after my diagnosis one of my aunts contacted Celtic and explained the situation to them. They offered me and my dad tickets to sit in the director’s box for a game.
At the time I was told we were just getting to use my aunts’ friends season tickets for the day.
About a year after my diagnosis. I still looked a picture of health as my dad threw me up in the air so I could do somersaults into a hotel pool.
‘Chopper’ all suited and booted before a football tournament in England.
Galloping towards my dad when we won the tournament.
This was the picture I mentioned earlier. You can see my posture was beginning to deform but I still wasn’t getting pain from it. This was in the summer before I moved up to high school. I would’ve been eleven.
Getting a henna tattoo of the Celtic emblem on the same holiday. You can clearly see the hunch in my back.
Quick picture with my mum about an hour before my operation.
The screws helping hold things in place.
My scar. The bit that got infected is right at the top, it’s just cut out of this picture.

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